Trignon Rhône 2021



The story
Since 2006, the Quiot Family, charmed by the Dentelles de Montmirail and its products of character, owns the Château du Trignon in order to perpetuate it, while expanding it by 10 ha of Vacqueyras and few hectares of Beaume-de-Venise.
"Respectful of achievement but rich of our wine-maker knowledge, we have adopted this land whose singularity fits in with all our others properties, in the same line of tradition, quality and adaptation."
The Rhône Valley has always been a privileged passage between the Mediterranean world and northern or Atlantic Europe. The very fruitful archaeological research carried out in the region, combined with historical studies, establish the Côtes du Rhône as one of the first wine regions in the world. From 125 BC, the Romans planted vines and built low walls protecting the terraces. They make this region one of the most beautiful in Narbonne Gaul. This notoriety will increase over the centuries and will take shape in 1937 with the consecration of the AOC Côtes du Rhône.
2 terroirs :
- the alluvial terraces rich in pebbles (on the Plan de Dieu) provide the vines with a regular water supply and the return, during the night, of the heat stored during the day by the pebbles.
- the clay-limestone alluvial terraces offer a more contrasting water supply.
3-day maceration prior to fermentation. Vatting time: 8 to 12 days.
Grenache noir : 56%
Syrah : 22%
Mourvèdre : 21%
Cinsault : 1%
Alcohol content: 14 ABV
Haute Valeur Environnementale


Don't hesitate to refresh a little bit your bottle of Côtes du Rhône before tasting it... it's trendy and so good!
Ageing potential
2 to 3 years, 5 years
Tasting notes
In red wines, the Grenache, predominant grape variety, provides fruitiness, warmth and roundness. The Syrah and Mourvèdre give the wine spicy aromas, a color and a sustained structure suitable for aging. Cinsault brings finesse.
In the Côtes du Rhône Trignon, you will find:
- an intense ruby color,
- strawberries, currants and cranberries aromas,
- a supple attack and a balanced palate. A tender and delicious wine.
Food and wine pairings
Charcuterie or at a Picnic.


""Medium ruby garnet with purple highlights and a wide deep red rim. Floral bouquet with hibiscus notes and a hint of lingonberry, underlined with a delicate touch of white pepper and tangerine zest. Moderately structured, red cherry, silky texture, it offers freshness and very present lemony minerality in the retro-olfaction.”"
"This may be no hero, but it has plenty of attractive cassis fruit and an appealing balance of medium-full body with a touch of soft tannin and enough acidity to provide nice equilibrium. Slightly sweet finish. Drink now."