Since when ?

Since 1864, the Quiot Family is the unique owner of this splendid unit of 25 hectares of vines, surrounded by woods, around an ancient little hunting shelter, 4 km north far from Châteauneuf-du-Pape Village.
Bach then, these woods were the nourishing resource for meat.

Origin of the name "Les Combes d'Arnevels"

"Combes" due to the undulating backdrop of the landscape and "Arnevel”, which means “paliure" in French. This is a thorny mediterranean shrub, with small yellow flowers, giving a dry fruit of a flying saucer shape. The legend tells that it would have served to make the Christ's thorns crown. Formerly, "Paliure" was used to make defensive hedges. Now, it is used in herbalist shop and homeopathy for its draining virtues.

The Urgonian Rocks Kingdom

This unit is 100% located on Urgonian rocks which make it an atypical and timeless place. Indeed, the Urgonian rocks come from the Lower Cretaceous era. These are white, extremely hard, non-friable limestone rocks that have been, and still are, widely used in the construction of our traditional houses. Due to this very arid and hostile environment, the cultivation equipment is put to the test!
Furthermore, this unit is located on a plateau overlooking the Rhône and its Valley, surrounded by woods. This gives it an exceptional micro climate, crushed by the sun but refreshed and above all ventilated by the Mistral in all seasons.


In this highly geological soil, it is not uncommon to find very beautiful fossils during agricultural work.