A quiet and hard-working family

The Duclaux family is one of the oldest in Châteauneuf-du-Pape in which they always had a discreet but involved role. This scandal-free family has worked his domaine with passion and seriousness over the centuries, the only events being constituted by the quality of the vintages, frost, hail, rain or wind.

The Quiot and Duclaux families built up bounds and family connections over the years. The last representative of this family, Emeline Latour, died on April 23rd 2001. Godmother of Florence, she left this wonderful domaine in the care of Florence and Jean-Baptiste Quiot.

The Duclaux family was one of the first founders of the association for the defense of the appellation in 1904.

Mainly sandy soils

The Domaine Duclaux consists mainly of old vines, on terroirs which are rich in sand and perfectly suited to the Mourvèdre grape variety.

A vinification in wood

In order to highlight the sandy soil and the Mourvèdre grape varieties, as well as the potential of the old vines present on the estate, we have chosen to age our Domaine Duclaux wines in oak (traditional 225L).