Since when?

A long history, for 13 generations, according to plot expansions, successions, marriages, but also historical facts such as the revolution, the phylloxera crisis...
Everything that makes the history of a family of French peasants and winegrowers since 1748, the Famille Quiot has gone through, in order to build its vineyards and its marketing in more than thirty countries each year.

"Famille Quiot" wines

We sometimes have several domaines, on the same appellations. We market our wines under the name of our domaines, but we also have the possibility, while respecting the regulations on appellations of origin, to blend grapes or wines from the same appellation, ONLY from our own domaines in order to offer a blend highlighting the cellar work. The wines are always vinified and aged on the appellation and are not transported until after they have been bottled.

Only few products

We could multiply the "Famille Quiot" products and blends.
However, to date, we propose :
- our IGP Médterranée wines
- our 2 emblematic Cuvées in Gigondas and Châteauneuf-du-Pape
Indeed, we believe that each product must be unique and have a real place. It would be impossible for us to give the necessary attention to each blend if we had a lot of it.
Each of our wines reveals a side of our personality, our history, our ethics and our know-how...